Friday, March 13, 2009

When I say "Hillshire" you say, what? Well, what you should say is "Beer brats"... !

I ain't a big fan of pre-cooked meats -- hell, I ain't a big fan of pre-cooked anything.

I gots to tell you, however, that Hillshire Farm's Miller Beer-soaked, pre-cooked brats are ... well, they're pretty damn good. Indeed.

I picked up a package of Hillshire Farm's Miller brats at Wal-Mart this evening. I brung 'em home and put two of 'em in a shallow pan with 1/3 cup of water. I covered the pan and let my brats cook on "low" for about 20 minutes. When they were cooked to my satisfaction, I put 'em in buns and ate 'em with some Hebrew National spicy mustard. They had a pre-cooked texture 'bout 'em (not so good), but I could actually taste the Miller beer in 'em (very good).

Next time you're at the grocery, get you some Hillshire Farm Miller-soaked brats. You'll be glad you did.


Brian Stanley said...

YOu eat something made with Miller beer>?>?>? Won't your reputation as a beer snob be ruined??

Anonymous said...

I cooked some on the grill this afternoon. They were very tasty and juicy, even when eaten all by themselves. Better than a lot of the other brats I've tried. I can't wait to run back to Walmart and buy more!