Monday, March 16, 2009

La mejor información

I wanna tell you 'bout a new place in South Nashville ...

I went there today, and I had one hell of a tasty burrito ...

First thing you should know 'bout Las Ricas Tortas is that they can flat pack juicy meat, tomatoes, onions, rice and re-fried beans into a burrito; and they pack their burritos with enough cilantro to choke Mexico City's No. 1 bull-fighter. (That's a good thing.)

Las Ricas Tortas has a "salsa" bar with assorted pickled vegetables (all very good); a Peruvian-style "green sauce"; and hot sauces that will make you sweat like Britney Spears, or Keith Richards (take you pick), at an AA meeting.

Get thee there, sooner rather than later ...

Las Ricas Tortas
4930 Linbar Drive
Nashville, TN 37211

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