Friday, March 06, 2009

Lemme Ween the Bean

I got together with some guys this evening to pick-'n'-sing, bluegrass-style. For our dinner, one of the pickers broke out several cans of Beanee Weenees. We "sauced" each of our dinner cans with a lot of hot sauce, and then we proceeded to get pretty sauced ourselves. Beanees 'n' booze ... as good as strawberries 'n' cream as far as I'm concerned.

That said, Mr. Jimmy once told me a Beanee Weenee story, and here 'tis:

When I was a Boy Scout I remember being on a camping trip and getting caught in a deluge, the whole weekend was one long, cold rain storm. But we had a cast iron skillet and some beans and some hot dogs and we fried those dogs and threw in the beans and the dogs got hot and kinda crusty and the beans got hot and you stir it all up, dip it up in a bowl and huddle up in your tent and one will think one is thrice blessed! The key, aside from being cold, wet and hungry, is having everything fried up and heated in a heavy skillet.

[Y]ou got me wanting to make up some honest to goodness home-style beans n franks!

Beanee Weenees: honest to goodness good!


Chris said...

When I was a kid, Beanee Weenees were definitely in the rotation when it came to snacks. Next time I go to the store, I may have to pick me up a few cans.

Mister Jimmy said...

Seeing you retell that story has got me wanting to go out and find a deluge so I can get caught in it, just so I can enjoy some camp-style pan-cooked weenies and beanies. To borrow from Opie Taylor, "That's adventure cookin'!"

Mister Jimmy said...

Cans Scmans! You takes a few hot dogs cut up in pieces, you puts 'em in a hot cast iron skillet with some bacon grease er somethin', you tosses in the beans and heat it all up til hot 'n' crusty 'n' bubbly! Add some mustard if you got it! Brother, that's dang fine.
But get all yer stuff before Sunday!