Thursday, March 05, 2009

Beer-flavored popcorn ...

... now, why didn't I think of this?

Here's another story 'bout the boozy popcorn:

KMBC's Bev Chapman reported that a local entrepreneur has come up with a new snack that's bound to appeal to some party-goers: alcohol-flavored popcorn.

Cary Silverman, who created the new flavors of corn, has always been a salesman.

"I started a lawn-mowing business in 1996," said Silverman. He was 9. "By sophomore year in high school, I had 500 weekly accounts and over 1,700 yearly accounts."

Two years ago, as a college sophomore, Silverman started Grade Genie, an online company where students from 2,700 schools across the country can form cyber study groups.

Silverman explained, "Users can put notes, old study guides, and old papers on the site, and other users can download them."

When Silverman saw college students sneaking alcohol into a theater to drink with their popcorn, he saw an opportunity. He tried many ways to flavor the popcorn.

"I soaked kernels in a fifth of Evan Williams whiskey," Silverman said. "I poked a little hole in the microwave bag, injected whiskey in there. I put it into a squirt bottle."

Finally he partnered with a company that helped him develop a non-alcoholic alcohol flavoring. Silverman said the product, which he calls Pub Corn, is the next best thing to the real thing.

"They really do taste like the drink," Silverman said. "If you like pina coladas to drink, you'd probably like pina colada. If you like beer, you'd like beer."

As a senior, Silverman will graduate in May with a degree in business marketing and three companies under his belt. When asked about his future, he responded, "Bring it on. Present the challenge in front of me and I'll do everything I can to overcome that challenge."

Pub Corn can be purchased online at

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