Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bre'fast of this champion ...

I'm not, nor have I ever been, a breakfast-eater. I know breakfast is - according to various "experts" - the most important meal of the day; but when I get up in the morning, after having only slept four or five hours, the last thing I want is something to eat. (Drinkin' something with a little caffeine in it is another story!)

I broke tradition this morning. I stopped off at a local BP for gas, on Bell Road in South Nashville, and I had to go inside to get me a pouch of stuff that some fellers like to put between their cheeks and gums. Upon entering I spied a couple-dozen breakfast sandwiches being warmed in a heat lamp display. When I seen the sign promising that the various sandwiches were "fresh," well, I just had to have a close-up look-see.

Amongst the sausage-biscuits, and the bacon/egg/cheese on toasts, I spotted a lonely English muffin with what appeared to be country ham stuffed inside. I picked it up and, indeed, it was a big slice of juicy country ham in an English muffin. It had a slice of cheese on it, too. "I'm buyin' this thing," I immediately said to myself 'cause, as regular AMGE should know, I freakin' love country ham. (The fact that it was only $1.49 had something to do with my buyin' decision as well.)

I can't tell you how pleased I was with my $1.49 BP country ham 'n' cheese on an English muffin. The ham was juicy and was not overly salty; the English muffin was crisp on the outside (see above pic) and soft on the inside; the cheese - oh, the cheese - was thick and full of "melted" goodness; and the whole shebang only cost one dollar and forty nine cents!

As much as I enjoyed my bre'fast this morning, I don't think it'll become a regular habit. It is nice to know, however, that a fine, cheap country ham breakfast sammich is waiting for me whenever I'm in the mood.


Brian Stanley said...

COUNTRY ham on an ENGLISH muffin. Isn't that the ultimate cultural clash?

Kefauver said...

"COUNTRY ham on an ENGLISH muffin Isn't that the ultimate cultural clash?"

I'm sorry but correct me if I'm wrong but the salt curing of pigs, from which country ham comes, is a tradition that came from Scotland and Ireland. No cultural clash at all.