Monday, May 31, 2010

Me likey!

I think I'm addicted (addicted)
I got an insatiable need
I think I'm addicted (addicted)
Finally it happened to me

-- The Juliana Hatfield Three

I've never been a big fan of Ramen noodles. Every time I've ever eaten 'em, I've burped 'em for about three hours afterward (and it ain't been "good" burps, if you know what I mean).

I recently ran across a new item in the Kosher section of my favorite Publix supermarket which -- even though I could tell from the packaging was Ramen noodle-like, if you will -- I couldn't help but purchase: Tradition instant mac-'n'-cheese in a cup.

If you're a regular AMGE reader, you know that I do love me some mac-'n'-cheese. I love makin' it, and I especially love eatin' it. That's why "instant" mac-'n'-cheese intrigued me so.

I wasn't expecting much from a $1.10 cup of instant mac-'n'-cheese ... but, boy howdy, what a cup it was. Indeed, the incredible cheese flavor of said cup made me forget that I was eating those little loopy Ramen-style noodles; and I found myself literally scraping every bit of cheese sauce from each and every corner (!) of my mac-'n'-cheese cup.

Over the course of the past 14 days, I've had me 7 of these instant cups o' mac-'n'-cheese (and I went to Connecticut for four days during which I didn't "imbibe").

See what I mean about being addicted ...?!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bon anniversaire!

In my humble estimation, there ain't many things in this world that're better-tasting than a grilled cheese sammich made with Wonder Bread.

So there.

That said ...

Who doesn't love Wonder Bread?

With its soft white center and melt-in-your-mouth crust, used in making everything from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to grilled cheese, its been a staple on American tables. And lately it's received celeb endorsement too, making an appearance in Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video.

Advertised for the first time on May 21, 1921 -- after Taggart Baking Co. in Indianapolis "spent 1920 perfecting the quintessential American white bread" -- Wonder Bread is still going strong after 90 years on our plates, the Leesville Daily Leader reported.

The bread was named by Elmer Cline who was inspired by the International Balloon Races in Indianapolis. Ever since, the iconic red, yellow and blue balloons have featured prominently on the loaf's packaging, the paper reported.

When Wonder Bread became one of the first sliced loaves on the market in 1930, sales took off and it became the American staple we know today.

Read the rest here.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hey, ya'll

Paula Deen. I go outta my way not to see her on TV.

Paula Deen can wield a seasoned-skillet alright, but the "Hey, ya'll" crap got old a long time ago. And then some.

That said, a family friend recently visited Paula Deen's rest'runt in Savannah, GA, and she brung me back a bottle o' Ms. Deen's signature hot sauce ...

I'll admit that I wasn't expecting much immediately prior to sampling Ms. Deen's sauce. After gulping down a teaspoon of Ms. Deen's stuff, however, I was loudly admitting -- to no one in particular -- that I have new found respect for the silver-haired honey. Here's why ...

If you like Bruce Foods' Original Louisiana Hot Sauce, you'll LOVE Paula Deen's hot sauce. Ms. Deen's sauce has all the kick of the "original" Louisiana Hot Sauce (plus a big little more), and it's about one-quarter less salty -- not that I have anything against salt, but when I'm guzzling a hot sauce (literally), I want to taste the peppers 'n' not the salt.

And so it goes with Paula Deen's sauce ...

It has lots of cayenne flavor, and it has more heat than you'd expect from a celebrity hot sauce. Bowl o' chili, bowl o' gumbo, roasted chicken ... I can't think of nothing that Paula Deen's wouldn't be good on.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ein gutes schnitzle

When it comes to German food, I'm a big fan of the schnitzle. To date, I've never had a chicken schnitzle. After seeing this pic ...

... chicken schnitzle is now on the top of my wanna-eat-it list, and then some.

Read more here.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oooh, that smell / The smell of [White Castle] surrounds you

I prefer Krystals to White Castles ... AMGE readers know this already.

That said, I think I could sleep easy at night if'n the only candles in my house were White Castle-smelling candles. Indeed.

Check it:

"Hey, what's that smell?"

"What smell? Kumar..."

White Castle, the iconic hamburger chain that inspired stoners everywhere with its title role in the movie Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle has just released a scented candle. Hamburger-scented, of course. Mind you, this is the same company that sells burger-scented air fresheners so, in some bizarrely cosmic twist of logic, this makes sense. And even if it doesn’t make sense, at least the proceeds are going to a good cause.

The burger chain has partnered with Nest Fragrances founder Laura Slatkin, designer of fragrances for Vera Wang, Elton John, and Princess Diana, to create a truly distinctive scent. Described by one industry magazine as "the steam-grilled-on-a-bed-of-onions scent of America's first fast food hamburger" the candles are being offered throughout the month of May for 10 bucks. The proceeds support Autism Speaks which raises funds for autism research and advocacy.

Actually, the first run of candles – modeled after White Castle’s cardboard burger packages – has already sold out. More will be coming in. Keep an eye open and, hopefully, you’ll have an easier time getting to White Castle than Harold and Kumar.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Re: Back

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack
I'm back in the saddle again

-- Aerosmith, "Back in the Saddle"

Look here:

For the past couple o' months, I've been working loooong hours ... most of which have taken place from 11 a.m. 'til 11 p.m. As of today, that's over.

I'm still going to be working long hours for weeks to come. But, thank God, each and every long hour I work from here on out will be, well, worked when the sun's up!

Joltin' Django's most hate-filled haters can now rest un-easy ... I didn't finally succumb to skin/testicular cancer. Here's what I have to say to you:

I'm still here! 'N' you're gonna be hearing from me in the weeks and months to come!

Thanks for reading.