Thursday, March 12, 2009

Auntie M's, Auntie M's ...!

There's a convenience store on the corner of Haywood and Ezell. It's just a hop, skip and jump from my place of employ. 'Bout a year ago, said convenience store put in an Aunt M's plate lunch place. Aunt M's sells fried chicken, fried taters, and ...

I'd never even thought about eating something from Aunt M's until Mr. Jimmy told me that Wednesday is meatloaf day at Aunt M's. (The whole meatloaf thing was a revelation to Mr. Jimmy, too.)

Now, regular AMGE readers know that I like -- nay, I freakin' love -- meatloaf. Whenever I hear-tell of someone selling a loaf a meat, well, I just gots to try it. When Mr. Jimmy told be 'bout Aunt M's meatloaf, we agreed on a lunch date. Wait ... "lunch date" ain't very A Man's Gotta Eatish; what me and Mr. Jimmy did was eat us some Aunt M's meatloaf, and then we talked about it whilst pickin' teeth and hikin' legs. (That's what men who had to eat, and who just ate, do. So there.)

Here's my verdict on Aunt M's meatloaf: It's densely-constructed with quality ground beef; it's very, very juicy; and it's topped with a great spicy ketchup/tomato sauce. Aunt M's meatloaf, however, has a long way to go before it cracks my list o' Top Five Meatloafs. It needs more onions and peppers, and it don't need to rest in an orange-grease-lined serving tray before its served.

Now, that was was just my personal opinion. I know o' two folks who disagree wi' me. Indeed, Mr. Jimmy said Aunt M's meatloaf is better than the Belmont Bi-Rite's meatloaf (that's a bold statement); and Mr. Franklin, aka Frank, said this 'bout Aunt M's meatloaf: "Scrumptious, mouthwatering meatloaf ... guaranteed to satisfy the most finicky palate."

So there.


Mister Jimmy said...

Well, I gotta try something from your top five now. If you haven't made that info available I request same now. (Besides Aunt Ruby's - God keep her.)

Chris said...

I think I'm gonna be making a trip to Aunt M's this week. I can just feel it.

Brian Stanley said...

I hate meatloaf. I guess because it boils down to the fact that my elementary and middle schools had meatloaf that was basically baked ground beef with salt. That left a scar so deep, I have not had meatloaf ten times in the last ten years.

Joltin' Django said...

Well, I gotta try something from your top five now. If you haven't made that info available I request same now.

For the record, here're Joltin' Django's favorite store-bought meatloafs(!):

Dandgure's Cafe (Nashville)
Ron's BBQ & Fish (Antioch)
Vittles (Hermitage)
Hlina's (Nashville)
Dinner Bell (Donelson)

There ya go ...