Saturday, March 28, 2009

Talk about needin' Urban "renewal" ...

Last week, I met some friends at Urban Flats for dinner. To say that I was unimpressed is an understatement. First, the place was full of overdressed 20-somethings who probably couldn't have defined "poke salet" if they'd had guns pointed at 'em. Second, Urban Flats' dining room chairs were the most uncomfortable chairs I've ever encountered in a restaurant. Third, I ordered a grilled pork chop, only to be told by my server that the grilled pork chop was "unavailable" ... and then she proceeded to tell me that "[Urban Flats'] grilled pork chop is the best in Nashville." (id I need to freakin' hear that?!) And finally, the grilled salmon I ate was okay; however, I'm pretty sure the "mustard glaze" was nothing but Grey Poupon, and the steamed vegetables had not the first hint of salt or pepper or anything on 'em.

Anywho,'s Will Ayers recently penned a review of Urban Flats. He has a lot more positive things to say about the place than I do. Indeed.

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Brian Stanley said...

Where the hell is urban Flats?