Saturday, March 14, 2009

Re: "White Castle Blues"

Saturday night and it's gettin' late
I'm gettin' hungry, I just can't wait
Not just any kind of burger will do
I'm being hit by those
White Castle blues

-- The Smithereens, "White Castle Blues"

White Castle came to Nashville about 15 years ago. I'd never tried a White Castle hamburger until tonight. Yeah, I'm Music City's biggest Smithereens fan and I'd never been to White Castle until ce soir. Sorry, Pat.

Lemme just tell you ... White Castle burgers taste just like Krystal burgers, 'cept White Castles don't have mustard on 'em.

So ...

Did I like the White Castle burgers I ate today? Yeah ... but they needed mustard.

Will I go to White Castle again? Perhaps if a White Castle opens in Southeast Nashville and my local Krystal closes.

So there.


Brian Stanley said...

I have not had a krystal hamburger since I was like 12. You can keep those spongy little things.

Chris said...

I don't have a White Castle in my area so I've never tried them.

I've never really like Krystal's though. When I was a kid, I thought Dairy Queen had great little hamburgers, and when I eat a Krystal burger all I can think is that they don't live up to what Dairy Queen had. DQs had mustard on them.

Anonymous said...

get a crave case and then get white castel official

BP said...

Yes! Love the Smithereens!

Did you know that the Nashville area is one of only 5 markets that have BOTH Krystal and White Castle? The others are in Kentucky - Bowling Green, Glasgow, London, and Richmond.

The two companies reached a gentleman's agreement in the late 1940s that they would not compete head-to-head in the same market, with the Mason-Dixon Line being the divider.