Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wipe that smile off your, er, snout!

Back in October, I went to the Jack Daniel's BBQ competion in Lynchburg with my bluegrass-pickin' buddy David. We couldn't help but notice how many participants' logos featured smiling pigs. David said something like, "Would you be smiling if you knew you were going to end up in one of these cookers?!" We had a good chuckle over his astute observance.

That said, you need to check out Suicide Food. The White Trash BBQ blog tells us 'bout it:

[Suicide Food] is an interesting and sarcastic take on how many food stuff logos show animals happily marching off to death, killing themselves, serving up their companions for your consumption or simply refusing to dominate the world. I don't know if the author is a vegetarian or not, but his snarky comments are usually right on and dead ass funny.

It also pokes fun at most of the competitive barbecue team's logos! ... At least half of Suicide Food is dedicated to the art of the barbecue team logo.

Again, if knew your ass was gonna go into a cooker for 12-14 hours of slow-roastin', would you be smiling? I know I wouldn't!

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