Thursday, January 28, 2010

Metromix this

The Metromix freebie newspaper is out this week with its list of "best" Nashville this's and that's. Rotier's gets a nod as "Best Burger," and Martin's Bar-B-Que is Metromix's choice for best pulled-pork joint.

Regular AMGE readers will recall my recent name-checking of both Rotier's and Martin's (see here and here). I had good things to say - incredibly good things to say, in fact - in my posts about both eatin' places; but I was not so bold to declare that either of 'em were the best in Nashville.

My search for Nashville's best burger is ongoing, as is my search for the best 'que in town. Will I agree with Metromix and declare that Rotier's serves Nashville's best burger? Is Martin's really the joint in which you can really find "Nashville's" best barbeque ...?

You'll find out in the coming weeks and months.

Stay tuned.


Joltin' Django said...

For the record ...

I agree that Prince's Hot Chicken Shack serves the best "hot chicken" in Nashville.

The Villager ain't the best dive bar in Nashville. The best dive bar in Nashville has gravel in its parking lot, and it sits on Thompson Lane near Nolensville Road.

I'll also have more to say about these two places in coming weeks and months.

See why you need to keep readin' this blog ...?!

Tenn Irish said...

I agree that the Villager is most definitely a dive.