Friday, January 22, 2010

Kickin' it with curry

Years ago, there was a wonderful little Asian restaurant on Nolensville Road (the name escapes me, and it's been gone for so long that I don't think I could think of the name if my life depended on it). The house specialty, as far as I was concerned, was a dish consisting of tender pieces of chicken served with a spicy curry sauce. I happened to mention the curry chicken at that long-defunct restaurant during a recent conversation with a friend, and he suggested that I check out Kikkoman Thai Red Curry Sauce, which I did tonight.

First I cut two large boneless, skinless chicken breasts into 1-inch pieces. Then I browned the chicken in a little olive oil until each piece was almost cooked through. I poured a copious amount of Kikkoman Curry Sauce over the chicken, covered the pan, and let my chicken 'n' sauce cook - nay, steam - for about 10 minutes.

When the chicken was finished, I plated it up with some steamed Vietnamese rice I got at my favorite international market ...

Verdict: Kikkoman Thai Red Curry Sauce is darn tasty stuff (it has a perfect balance of chili and coconut milk), but it didn't pack much heat. Indeed, several squirts of Sriracha were needed to get the heat level up to what I consider, ahem, adequate, and that kinda overpowered the flavor of the curry 'n' coconut.

Kikkoman Thai Red Curry Sauce is good stuff, don't get me wrong, but I was really expecting more heat. Oh, well ... head to your local Publix if you wanna give it a try.

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Tenn Irish said...

Like Guiness, I'd drink it even without the motor oil additive.