Monday, January 25, 2010

Tapadh leat!

If only my late Burns-lovin' friend/co-worker/"cousin"/fellow-politico David could've seen this:

American Scots will have an added reason to send their kilts flying Monday as they celebrate the birthday of poet Robert Burns. After a 21-year ban, the U.S. is planning to allow imports of haggis, a traditional Scottish dish. ...

Scotland's rural affairs secretary, Richard Lochhead, said, "I am greatly encouraged to hear that the U.S. authorities are planning a review of the unfair ban on haggis imports. We are in regular contact with the industry on this issue and believe that reversing the ban would deliver a vote of confidence in Scottish producers and allow American consumers to sample our world-renowned national dish."

He added, "It's time for the U.S. authorities to deliver a Burns Night boost and recognize that Scottish haggis is outstanding quality produce."

Cuz Dave: I'm gonna eat me some from-Scotland haggis, soon, in your honor.

I promise.

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