Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I never thought a day would come when I had a single good thing to say about a Chinese buffet restaurant. Over the weekend, however, I found myself at the Far East Buffet & Grill in Mt. Juliet (it wasn't my choice to eat there, believe me), and here's the single thing I want to mention about the trip ...

The Far East restaurant has fried rice and egg drop soup and sauced-up slivers of chicken, beef and pork like you'd expect at a Chinese buffet. But - and this is a mighty big "but" - the joint also features grilled pork chops which are not only surprisingly tender, they're spiced with a tangy marinade that, well, that left me wanting more of them pork chops long after I'd left the restaurant!

A member of my dining party was quite a lot more smitten with Far East Buffet & Grill than I was, and it's not inconceivable that I might make a return trip at some point. If I do, you can damn well bet that the first - and perhaps the only - thing I put on my plate are spicy grilled pork chops. And I'll have pictures to share.

Stay tuned.

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Debbie in Nashville said...

I might have to try that place!