Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mystery solved

'Bout ten days ago, I commented on some pork chops I had at a local Chinese restaurant:

"[The Far East Buffet & Grill] features grilled pork chops which are not only surprisingly tender, they're spiced with a tangy marinade that, well, that left me wanting more of them pork chops long after I'd left the restaurant!"

I went looking for packages of pork chop-seasoning at my local international market today. When I couldn't find none, I took a chance on a package of Chinese duck seasoning which, as you can see from the label, can also be used to season pork:

What a chance I took! The pork chops I cooked tonight tasted exactly like the pork chops I ate at the Far East restaurant.

Now, I baked my pork chops, whereas the Far East Buffet & Grill's pork chops were grilled. That didn't interfere with me having an almost immediate "Eureka!" moment when I tasted the first hint of that sweet but spicy seasoning.

You probably won't be able to find that NOH seasoning at a chain grocery store. Try your local international market instead ... like here.

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Lannae said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Noh seasoning. I got a pouch a couple months ago and have yet to use it. I have gotten some recipes from food bloggers in MY, CN, but have not done those because I can't find all the ingredients here. That is why I bought the pouch. I was thinking duck or pork loin. Thanks for letting me know it really works out.