Monday, January 18, 2010

Ron's rules!

One of the very first posts here at AMGE was was review of Ron's BBQ & Fish. Here's a portion of what I said:

While it's not as good as my late Granny Ruby's meatloaf, Ron's meatloaf gets real close. It is expertly seasoned and filled with chopped onions. Some restaurants go overboard slathering their meatloaf in tomato sauce or ketchup, but not Ron's. Ron puts just enough tomato sauce atop his meatloaf to serve as a slightly spicy garnishment; and for that he is to be commended.

Alongside my meatloaf I had green beans, macaroni and cheese, and a thick hunk of cornbread. The green beans were seasoned with just enough salty ham; the macaroni was rich and creamy, with bits of oven-singed cheese on top; and the cornbread - which was light, fluffy, and full of cornmeal goodness - was a perfect sop for the spicy meatloaf juices left on my plate.

I waited a long time for a good meat-and-three to come to the southeast corner of Davidson County. Ron's was indeed worth the wait!

I got a wild hair on my way home from work this afternoon and decided to hit Ron's for supper. I not only enjoyed Ron's meatloaf, green beans, and mac-'n'-cheese as much as I did back in '07, the portions were such that I have enough left over for lunch tomorrow (see pic above). Not bad for 7 bucks, huh?!

Ron's BBQ & Fish
5359 Mt. View Road
Antioch, TN 37013


B.B. said...

I thought Ron's closed.

Joltin' Django said...

I thought Ron's closed.

Ron's moved a couple of years ago (from the corner of Bell Road and M'boro Pike to Hickory Hollow), but it did not close.