Monday, November 17, 2008

Super Pollo, RIP

Another fine Nashville restaurant has closed. After four years of doing business in South Nashville ... Super Pollo, RIP.

Super Pollo was owned by two early twenty-something siblings who endeavored to serve juicy grilled chicken, and quality sides, alongside a "bar" of fresh salsas and chopped vegetables. And that's just what they did.

'Bout this time last year, I penned a short piece for my company's newsletter in which I reviewed several eatin' places within a five-minute drive of my workplace. I didn't save that piece - damn! - so I can't tell you exactly what I said about Super Pollo and the food served therein. What I do recollect, however, is affixing the adjectives "tasty" and "juicy" to describe each and every thang I was ever served served at Super Pollo.

NOTE: Stay tuned for a follow-up to my "Miss you much" posting, which garnered quite a few interesting e-mails, indeed.

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lastmango2 said...

Nooooooooo....the best non-cart tacos in town! I will miss them. The service and food were great.