Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm sure Mr. Jimmy is proud ...

I'm sure my ami Mr. Jimmy is proud to know that Tennessean columnist Mary Hance, aka Ms. Cheap, has given her seal of approval to the Belmont Bi-Rite's plate lunch counter. To wit:

Osborne's Bi-Rite, the grocery at 3116 Belmont Blvd., across from Christ the King school, was kind of a wild card since it is not really a "restaurant.'' But the counter at the back of the store has a wonderfully affordable daily plate lunch between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. The most popular is the Friday catfish — with hush puppies, tartar sauce and one side, which is $4.50. Believe me, it's a lot of food. You can add another side for a dollar, meaning you get a meat and two sides for $5.50. A good thing to know is that a homemade dessert (cobbler or pie) can count as a side if you just ask for it that way. There are picnic tables in front of the grocery, but there is nowhere to sit inside the restaurant — meaning that the meals are pretty much all to go. Other days of the week you can get entrĂ©es such as meatloaf, fried chicken (Tuesday) or pork chops, for the same prices and all include bread. Lots of the patrons call their orders in for quick pickup. Call 292-0253.

I've never had the Belmont Bi-Rite's fish. I've had their meatloaf and I've had their spaghetti, and I can tell you for a fact that both are just tasty as hell. I imagine their fish is just as tasty. Perhaps Mr. Jimmy can tell us 'bout it.


Mister Jimmy said...

Well, there goes the neighborhood. I have mixed feelings about seeing my BiRite publicized so . . . publicly. More patrons for them is good, but not if I get cheesed outta my Thursday spaghetti!
The catfish is mighty fine. I don't much go for reheating deep-fried foods so I think that fish is best eaten fresh. The broiled catfish will keep a little and can stand some reheating if necessary.
Both make superb sandwiches - served with the DUKE'S mayo and perhaps a bit of Trappey's.
Go in and ask for Renae, I think that's how she spells it. She sets aside a plate of said spaghetti every Thursday, except for this Thursday! . . . (Lousy pilgrims.)

Brian Stanley said...

Django do you know anything about Sicily Pizza mentioned in that article? Isn't that near where you live?