Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One election [a] McCain won ...

Hmmm ...

Michelle Obama may be headed to the White House, but Cindy McCain can console herself with winning Family Circle's cookie competition.

As with every presidential election, the magazine asked readers to vote on the favorite cookie recipes from the Democratic and Republican candidates' spouses.

More than 8,000 votes were cast, with McCain's Oatmeal-Butterscotch Cookies edging out [Michelle] Obama's Shortbread Cookies by just 10 percentage points.

Recipes included in this story: Cindy McCain's Oatmeal-Butterscotch Cookies, Michelle Obama's Shortbread Cookies.

Sorry, but I see Mrs. B. Hussein Obama cookin' in a kitchen about like I see a Lollypop Kid mowing my yard.

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