Monday, November 10, 2008

Is nothing sacred?

In Obama America, stories like this are bound come at us faster than a Mike Scott split-finger fastball:

In California, officials are now having to ensure than any food sold in conjunction with a school event comply with strict dietary standards. In Connecticut, classroom birthday parties are a thing of the past, as schools there no longer allow parents to bring celebratory sugary goods.

Most of our young'uns are unlearned, disprespectful smart-mouths who've been led to believe that feeling good is more important than knowing stuff. We need to be thinkin' less about what goes into their mouths and more about what goes into their brains, indeed.

School parties sans cupcakes and brownies? What's next: Recess without tag and dodgeball, or Field Day without races?

What's that you say ...?!


Mister Jimmy said...

It's about time they got around to moderating little minds. How can they be expected to discover their space when their otherness is being drowned in high fructose corn syrup? Too much pie, that's their problem!

Ed the Sock Fan said...

stories like that make me feel old, old, old. every time i hear about something i did in school going away it just makes me feel old and sad. field day, tag, dodgeball, powderpuff football games. when i was in school we could take a marksmanship class and actually go to a range and shoot lever action .22s. and dont forget that schools are doing away with red pens, and bad grades, and valedictorian awards. you are right. we need to worry about what students are learning rather than if they feel bad or god forbid are having some fun