Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Brewing Science and Technology ...?!

Where was the Brewing Science and Technology dept. when I was an undergrad?!

This past Thursday, Brewing Science and Technology students from Colorado State University celebrated the release of their class project, Hoppy Days IPA, at -- where else -- a tap room. The course has been offered at CSU for the past four years and Hoppy Days IPA is the third beer brewed in conjunction with the local Odell Brewing Company which is where the celebrations went down.

Brewing coursework used to be relatively rare (only UC Davis comes to mind) but growth in the beer sector has caused brewing classes to become more common. The University of Wisconsin was one of the latest schools to announce they're adding a beer brewing offering for students. Maybe we're moving towards the day when the traditional college beer bash is passe if you didn't brew the beverages yourself.

Man, I can only imagine where I'd be now if'n I could've officially studied beer when I was an undergraduate ...!

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