Friday, November 14, 2008

Spreading the Gospel of Duke's

The good folks who make Duke's mayonnaise were kind enough to send me a box of single-serve packets, which I distributed to many of my co-workers. You see, I am a bit of an evangelist for Duke's -- the best mayo money can buy. In addition to working and reading and blogging and playing golf and pickin' my guitar, I dutifully and happily spread the Gospel of Duke's.

Someone left a comment on one of my pro-Duke's entries a few months back to say that Hellmann's is a superior mayo. I couldn't really respond because it'd been years since I'd had consumed a mayo other than Duke's, excepting unidentified mayos in restaurants and at parties and such. Well, I'm prepared to comment now.

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home this afternoon to pick up a few things. As I strolled through the deli, I spied single-serve packets of Hellmann's near the sammich station. I put one in my pocket and did me a little taste-testin' when I got home.

First thing I did was get me a couple of slices of turkey out of the frig. (I figured turkey was benign-tasting enough to not interfere with the flavor of each mayo.) Then I poured a splash of gin into a glass -- for palette-cleansing purposes. I put a big dollop of Duke's on one slice of turkey, then I did the same thing with the Hellmann's. And then I put 'em to the test.

Verdict: Duke's is better than Hellmann's. Period. Not only is Duke's creamier, it does not have a "tang" like Hellmann's. I guess that's understandable because Hellmann's has lemon juice in it, and, as Andy Griffith might say, mayonnaise ort never to have lemon juice in it. The tangier a mayo is, the less I like it. And while Hellmann's ain't as tangy as a lot of mayos I've consumed over the years, it's still too tangy for moi.

So there.


Brian Stanley said...

I'm glad I only eat mustard and ketchup so I can stay out of that whole ugly debate. Can't we all get along?

rebecca said...

where do you get duke's? kroger doesn't have it.

Mister Jimmy said...

You know my feelings about the DUKE'S. But do you really need the turkey to tell the difference? Can't you just do a shooter of each? Really, DUKE'S is the custard, the mousse, the Real Thing. And it makes a great late night 'fridg snack - straight from the jar! (That's why if you share living quarters with someone you need to jars of the DUKE'S.)
Think I'll go look at the little yellow and black packets.

Mister Jimmy said...

Kroger in Green Hills has it; most Harris Teeters as well as Publix I think, all carry DUKE'S. If you see Sauer's Mayo get that, it's the same company and some people can't tell the difference between DUKE'S and Sauer's. And if you still can't find it, email the good folks at DUKE'S.

TerryB said...

I ate it with both roast beef and turkey sandwiches on whole wheat. It was super good. Not tart, just very smooth.

BP said...

We agreee to disagree.