Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"It is truly a crappy beer ..."

I was hanging out at my neighbor's house tonight when he asked if I wanted a beer. Naturally, I said "Yes!" I was just a little bit surprised when my neighbor handed me a Yuengling Lager (he usually keeps his frig well-stocked with Sam Adams). I smiled and said "thanks."

I wrote a little something about Yuengling Lager back in January. Here's a little bit of what I had to say:

Yuengling Lager tastes very thin for a lager, and it leaves a God-awful taste in your mouth upon swallowing. With each sip I told [a] friend, "This **** is worse than Budweiser!" He wholeheartedly agreed.

Well, my second time trying Yuengling was definitely not a charm. It is truly a crappy beer. I didn't say that to my neighbor as I slowly sipped the beer he'd given me, as that would be bad manners. When he offered me another, I politely said "No, thanks."

Needless to say, the next time my neighbor offers me a beer I'm gonna ask, "What you got?!"

UPDATE: Eddie, my neighbor, read this post this morning. He immediately left a message on my cell phone in which he admitted that his offering me Yuenglings was an attempt to get rid of the stuff. He bought a six-pack recently and he didn't like it either!


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Nicole said...

Yuengling Black and Tan is better.

Diana said...

Ouch! I, who enjoy many different kinds of beer--none of them light--find Yuengling preferable to other big-name domestic lagers, but it may be because I'm influenced by my Pennsylvania-bred husband. A blind tasting is in order.