Tuesday, September 02, 2008

There's lion-kabobs, lion creole, lion gumbo. There's pineapple lion, lemon lion ...

This is why I hate vegetarians ...

Thanks to a coup by local vegetarians, the king of the jungle will be stepping down from his place on the menu of the South Philadelphia Tap Room.

After a six-week reign, SPTR chef Michael Zulli has decided to stop dishing up lion after receiving numerous letters critical of his decision to serve feline. "Why do we need to eat lion?" says Christine Stover, one of the chef's critics. "It seems like such a ridiculous indulgence."

This comes despite the fact that the restaurant procures the meat from a federally licensed farm in Illinois that raises the African cats for human consumption.

Zulli plans to continue serving other exotic meats including ostrich, boar and bear. "I'm not doing game as a gimmick," he maintains. "I like exposing people to ingredients and flavors that are interesting and unique."

Let's see: It's okay to serve boar, but it ain't okay to serve lion? Why is that? 'Cause no wild boar was the star of a Disney flick called The Wild Boar King, that's why.

Don't think for a minute that I wouldn't try me a plate o' lion meat (vegetarian sentiments be damned). I wouldn't put no hot sauce on it, neither.


Murfreesboro GOP said...

My grandfather was a hunter and a big-game hunter. Growing up I had elk, gator, wild boar, rattlesnake, and so many fish and fowl you camnot imagine. I would have no problem eating lion. If it had been hunted and killed properly.

gmg said...

i went to thailand in college and ate some kind of monkey there. it tasted like an even gamier squirrel. it was bad.