Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Andrew Lee RIP

This sure gives Joltin' Django something to think about:

An amateur chef died the day after eating a "superhot" chilli in a bet with his friend over who could make the hottest dish, an inquest heard.

Andrew Lee, 33, suffered heart failure the morning after he ate the chilli.

Toxicology tests are now being carried out to see if the fork lift truck driver suffered a fatal reaction to the dish or whether anything else contributed to his death.

Mr Lee, of Edlington, Doncaster was apparently in perfect health and had just passed a medical at work, the opening of the Doncaster hearing was told.

Cooking was one of his main interests and he went to his girlfriend Samantha Bailey's house to make a chilli.

His father John Lee told the inquest: "He had a bet with Samantha's brother who could make the hottest chilli then went back to her house to stay."

Mother-of-four Miss Bailey called the emergency services to her home nine days ago.

Police officers were called to the house after receiving reports of a man suffering a cardiac arrest and Mr Lee was found lying on the floor.

Paramedics failed to revive him and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

A full post-mortem examination is underway and further inquiries are being carried out.

Deputy Doncaster coroner Fred Curtis granted a burial order and adjourned the inquest for further evidence.


Brian Stanley said...

I would say that a hot pepper would have to explode to harm you. Your tolerance level for hot peppers is not like Andrew Lee I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

The human body is quite delicately balanced, in many ways. I know that something as subtle as tiny, hair-sized needles used in acupuncture can have profound effects on the energy flow through the body. I think the strong energy of very hot peppers can have profound effects up on the subtle energy balance of the body. Ya can never tell what potent chemical heat might do... Dana