Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reckon this is how Jim Ed Brown does it?

So, you got a beer that needs its top popped but you don't have an opener. Do you have a dollar bill? If you do, you're in luck:

Open Beer With One Dollar Bill. College SURVIVAL 101 - video powered by Metacafe


Anonymous said...

who in the hell is jim ed brown?

Joltin' Django said...

"who in the hell is jim ed brown?"

Why, I'm gonna hit you right in the mouth.

Jim Ed Brown was a member of The Browns, who had a huge hit with "The Bells" in the 1950s. Jim Ed went on to solo acclaim in the 1960s, scoring country hits with "Pop a Top," "It's That Time Of Night," " I Don't Want To Have To Marry You" among others. In the 1970s, he was the host of the syndicated Nashville on the Road TV program. In the 1980s he hosted You Can Be a Star on The Nashville Network.

That ... that's who in the hell Jim Ed Brown is.