Monday, September 01, 2008

Country ribs are the best ribs!

I freakin' love country-style pork ribs. Not only do I love 'em, but country ribs are one of my culinary specialities.

Tonight, me and my next door neighbor had a two-yard Labor Day cookout. He made burgers and hot dogs; I made country ribs. He and his don't like hot stuff as much as me and mine, so ...

The first pan o' ribs I made, I simply dusted the ribs with salt and pepper, and then I poured a cup of Sauer's BBQ sauce on 'em. I put a tight aluminum foil lid on the pan, and them ribs went into an oven heated to 290 degrees:

Next, I covered another half-dozen country ribs with Sauer's, Howton Farms extra-hot BBQ sauce, and a half-cup of Trappey's jalapeño pepper slices. This pan also went into the oven that'd been heated to 290 degrees:

What came out of my oven were ribs so tender, they were literally falling off the bone when I lifted 'em from the pan. Here're a couple of the "hot" ribs:

Boy howdy, them ribs was good!

If you'd like my step-by-step recipe for country ribs, drop me an e-mail:


RC said...

looks like ribs at dan's cafe!

gmg said...

what are country style pork ribs? i don't think i've ever had those.

Joltin' Django said...


Country ribs have more meat than spareribs or back ribs, but they have more fat on them as well. If you're going to slow-cook country ribs, I don't recommend cutting off the fat. It will help flavor the ribs and keep them moist. If you're going to grill your ribs, then I would recommend cutting off the fat to help them cook faster (and to prevent flare-ups).

Look for country ribs in the fresh meat section of your grocery store. They will be labeled "country style ribs."