Saturday, September 20, 2008

Joltin' Django cooks pub-style

I had some cod fillets in my freezer that needed to be thawed and cooked. After thawing 'em, I went to Publix to pick up some authentic British chip-shop batter. I did indeed get me some batter, but I also got some imported malt vinegar, some chip-shop curry sauce, and a four-pack of Samuel Smith's pale ale.

When I got home, I made some fresh hush puppies and fried my fish. Once I got to frying I realized that I had too much food. I had to call my next-door neighbor to come over to help put a dent in what I'd cooked. (What you see in the pic above are the leftovers!)

I'd never had Colman's curry sauce prior to tonight. I'm now a confirmed fan. I don't think I took a bite of anything ce soir that didn't have a good-sized dollop of curry sauce on it. I had a little left over, and I'm already planning to make me some toast in the morning and finish it off. Yeah ... I liked it that much!


Brian Stanley said...

What? No chips or Colman's hot mustard?

the fixx said...

you need to post those hush puppies recipe