Thursday, September 04, 2008

My new favorite bologna

Coming back from West Tennessee last weekend, I stopped at a little market near Dickson. I passed a little display therein featuring packages of Fischer's thick-cut bologna for $1.49. It was a deal I simply could not pass up.

When it comes to bologna, I have always been a Bryan man. No more. Fischer's bologna has a flavor vastly superior to any packaged bologna I've ever had. It's so good, in fact, that I've not put a single drop of any condiment on the three Fischer's bologna sandwiches I've had since Sunday. That's sayin' something, indeed.

I still plan on eating Bryan's corn dogs and sliced turkey (it is the Flavor of the South, after all). But as far as bologna is concerned, I am now a Fischer's Man. So there.


gmg said...

if you like garlic bologna you need to try fischer's. it's really good.

Brian Stanley said...

I know you like "Seinfeld." So do I. The first thing I thought of when I saw your sandwich pic was this exchange from "The Pyffy Shirt:"

ESTELLE: (Picks up a plate full of sandwiches) I made some bologna sandwiches.

GEORGE: Bologna?! No one eats bologna anymore!

ESTELLE: What are you talking about?! Have a sandwich.

JERRY: No thanks.

(Kramer enters with some more suitcases)

ESTELLE: Oh, stop it! You don't want one, Kramer?

KRAMER: Uhh.. no thanks. (Goes back out the door)

ESTELLE: I think you're all a little touched in the head. (Puts the plate down) You're so worried about your health.. You're young men.

JERRY: I really don't eat it.

ESTELLE: What am I gonna do with all these sandwiches?! Will you take them home? Give them to someone in your building?

JERRY: I don't know if I'd feel comfortable handing out bologna sandwiches in the building..