Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yahoo for Yazoo!

If you've never had a Yazoo beer, you're missin' out. If you've never had a Yazoo on tap, you're really missin' out. The Nashville City Paper has a real nice profile of Yazoo Brewing Company. Check it out here.

I had a little something to say about Yazoo several months back. Check this out:

My hockey game-attendin' pal, Joe, shamed me into tellin' this story 'bout our recent trip to Piranha's Bar & Grill:

I tried to order a Yazoo draft beer by saying: "Gimme a Yahoo." When the Piranha's bartender -- a rather comely gal, you should know -- asked for clarification, I again asked for a "Yahoo." Ms. Bartender then gave me a most cross-eyed/you're a dumbass look. Goodness!

When I attempted to explain that my Yazoo/Yahoo faux pas was a result of my having read about Yahoo!'s maybe-merger with Microsoft in the
WSJ, Ms. Piranha's Bartender seemed most uninterested. I started to say something tacky ("Can you even spell 'Wall Street Journal?'"), but I - wisely - decided to just let it go.


Brian Stanley said...

Yazoo is Nashville's Samuel Adams. That's all I need to say.

Sam Smith said...

You'v lef and abandoned me for another. Woe is me an oh my. What to do wif you?