Monday, September 29, 2008

La moutarde ...

AOL has ranked the best mustards. Check it out the list here.

Here're Joltin' Django's "best" mustards ... using AOL categories, if you will:

Yellow: French's
Nothing else needs to be said.

Joltin' Django don't eat honey mustard, if he can help it.

Brown/Deli: Kosciusko Beer Mustard
You can really taste the beer!

Dijon: Maille Dijon Originale
I agree with AOL on this one.

Hot: Colman's
Colman's is to hot mustard what Heinz is to ketchup ... tain't no substitute.

Next to hot sauce, mustard is my favorite condiment. You could put mustard on an old boot and it'd taste pretty good to me. Put mustard and hot sauce on it, and it'd be a satisfying meal. Indeed.

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Mister Jimmy said...

Man I've not had Colman's in a long time. I'll have to pick up a bit next time I spot it.
Tonight I had a giant sammich consisting of about 10 oz of sliced turkey, a slice of cheddar, some Trappey's pepper slices, Sauer's mayo, Plochman's mustard and a spash or two of Trappey's hot sauce, plus a little more Sauer's.