Wednesday, July 02, 2008

How now, Howton Farm's ...?

I happened upon Howton Farm's barbeque sauce in my favorite grocery store some 2 months ago. A Howton Farm's representative was personally placing product on the shelf, and I asked him 'bout his stuff. He told me that Howton Farm's is the "best barbeque sauce in the South." When I told him that he'd made a "mighty bold" statement, he gave me a free bottle.

As I was leaving the grocery store, Mr. Howton Farm's was standing beside his van. We struck up another conversation about barbeque sauce and he told me that Howton's has a hot-as-hell sauce that he didn't put on the shelf in the store in which we'd met. I said "Gimme one," and he got me a bottle out of his van. I paid him for the sauce and I headed home.

As soon as I got home, I got me some sammich-style chicken out of the frig and poured some of Howton's regular sauce on a slice. "This is good!" I said aloud to myself. I then uncorked the bottle of extra-hot sauce and gave it a try. If I had to pass judgement on it with one word and one word only, I'd just say "Wow" ... exclamation point.

Howton's extra-hot barbeque sauce is tomato and vinegar-based, and it packs a lot - and I mean a lot - of heat. I dumped it on a couple of pieces of chicken, and then I started eating it with a spoon. Yeah, it was that good!

I've grilled chicken with my Howton's sauce, and I've oven-cooked country ribs and pork chops (see pic above) that were just covered in the stuff. I'm not convinced that an old shoe wouldn't taste good if it had enough Howton's on it.

Look for Howton's the next time you're out a-shoppin' for foodstuffs. If your local grocer doesn't have it, go straight to the manager's desk and tell 'em you expect to be able to purchase it there soon.

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