Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oh, how I love chicken and dumplins

This morning, I put a frozen chicken in the sink to thaw. When I got home I boiled the chicken for an hour, in a pot with lots of salt and five unpeeled cloves of garlic.

When the hour was up, I strained the stock and shredded the chicken. I returned the chicken to the pot and put in a lot of black pepper and a little dried thyme. Then I let it simmer for a bit. To wit:

To my simmering chicken I added a package of Mary B's Open Kettle Dumplings, which I let it simmer for a few minutes more ... 20 minutes, to be exact. A bowl of the final result, if you will, looked like this:

Rest assured, I put some hot sauce in my bowl of chicken and dumplins. Who wants to guess what I put in my bowl of chicken and dumplins? Should anyone really try to guess what I put in my bowl of chicken and dumplins?

What I put in my bowl of chicken and dumplins was a quarter-cup of original Tabasco® sauce. Big shock, right?!


Anonymous said...

Say, do you know whether Manuel's Cajun Country Store in Milton is still open?

Anonymous said...

that does not even look good

Joltin' Django said...

"that does not even look good"

Whenever someone told my grandmother that they did not intend to eat something she'd cooked, she'd would always say, "Don't eat it. It's poison."

If you ever find your find your legs thrust under my kitchen table - God forbid - and you turn your nose up at something I've cooked, I'm gonna quote my Granny Ruby. But you should know that you'll be the first sombitch I've ever had to say such to ... 'cause I've NEVER had nobody in my house refuse to eat something I cooked. So there.

Tori said...

Manuel's is not open anymore unfortunately! My grandparents owned it and after my PawPaw Abraham Manuel's health started deteriorating they decided to close. I miss it so much!