Friday, August 08, 2008

Lunch Box!

When I was a kid (by "kid" I mean age o' 5 to 10-years-old), I had two lunch boxes: a Star Wars box that was bedecked with stickers from packs of red, yellow and blue Star Wars cards; and a National Football League box that featured 70s-style facemasks and a list of Super Bowl champions.

While I still have my Star Wars lunch box, I pulled all the stickers off and gave it a good cleaning years ago. Maybe I'll get some bucks for my box one of these days.

Check this out:

"A 1954 Superman lunchbox broke records when it sold for a whopping $11,500 in auction. Though most vintage boxes won't score a sliver of that price, many good-condition carriers still hold their weight in worth. Here's a countdown of classic lunchboxes' blue book value. Who knows? You might have some cold hard cash collecting dust in your attic!"


Mister Jimmy said...

Man I wish I still had my lunch boxes, the real kind - metal box that came with a small thermos and clamp for securing it. I bet yours is like that. I had Roy Rogers, I think I had Hop-a-long Cassidy, among others, a new year a new lunch box.
None of these vinyl covered particle-board imitators!
I can't number how many baloney sammiches (with mustard!) I carried to school.
If I had 'em today, I'd carry 'em proudly . . . wonder if there is a Reagan lunch box, maybe you could make one!

Mister Jimmy said...

oh yeah, and Zorro, that was maybe my favorite.