Friday, August 15, 2008

Let's start the Insanity

A co-worker recently bequeathed to me a bottle of Dave's Insanity Sauce. Said bottle had been bequeathed to him many months ago, and he gave it to me after he admitted, 'It's just too hot."

In plain view of my most generous co-worker, and a dozen other co-workers, I took a plastic spoon and gulped a spoonful of Dave's Insanity Sauce. Each and every one of 'em visibly took a deep breath as I consumed something that comes in a bottle bearing this warning: "Use this product one drop at a time.

Now, I ain't even gonna lie to you ... Dave's Insanity Sauce not only gave me a good scorching, it made me sweat like Michael Moore on a Kenyan safari. But, Boy Howdy, it sure did taste good.

Unlike most of the uber-hot hot sauces I've tasted over the years, Dave's packs nearly as much flavor as it does heat. Dave's primary ingredient is tomato sauce, and tomato is the first thing you notice when Dave's first touches your tongue. Then the heat sets in ... a heat that does not quickly dissipate.

If you're a hot sauce novice -- nay, if you're a hot sauce aficionado who thinks you're pushing the envelope when you consume haba├▒ero-based hot sauces -- you need to stay the **** away from Dave's Insanity Sauce. You've been warned ...


Anonymous said...

looks liek you forgot to put the stem on the apple

Mister Jimmy said...

I've had my bottle of that sauce for a few weeks now and I think I've used maybe a dozen drops. But I agree about the taste. I've taken to mixing it with the DUKE'S!

Anonymous said...

Say, do you know if Manuel's Cajun Country Store in Milton is still open?

Joltin' Django said...

"Say, do you know if Manuel's Cajun Country Store in Milton is still open?"

It's been a while since I've been there. So I can't say for certain that it is still open. I can't, however, imagine that it would ever close -- considering how good, and how widely respected, it is.