Sunday, August 03, 2008

How now, BeerLao?

One day last week, a buddy and I were discussing a Laotian beer called Beerlao. Our discussion had been sparked by a Wall Street Journal article 'bout said beer, which you can read here.

When my bud mentioned that he would be visiting a local beer and liquor warehouse that very afternoon, I said, "Hey, see if they have Beerlao." Well, he not only looked for it and found it, he bought some for me. Here's the verdict:

Beerlao tastes just like you'd expect a beer that's brewed by unapologetic Commies would taste. It's a little bland for an import, and it leaves a funny taste in your mouth after you swallow.

I was dreading having to tell my bud that I didn't really like the beer he brung me. Much to my surprise, however, he agreed that Beerlao ain't nothin' to write home about.

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Anonymous said...

hrmm, my beerlao was deliciuos (especially the dark). The label on the Beerlao i got in new york looks different. maybe there is a difference between the two?

check it out: