Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oy vey! Large this supermarket is!

I've always admired folks who keep kosher because they not only eat to live, they live what they eat. Plus, some of the companies that produce kosher foods - Streit's, Manischewitz, etc. - turn out some mightly fine packaged foodstuffs. Indeed, I cannot wait for Passover to roll around because it is the only time of year that I can purchase Manischewitz's honey cake mix. I freakin' love me some Manischewitz honey cake.

I ran across this story about Pomegranate, a kosher megamarket, if you will, in Brooklyn. What I wouldn't give to live in Brooklyn. To wit:

Unlike other specialty markets, Pomegranate caters to the thousands of Orthodox Jewish families living in New York City. The store has three kitchens: dairy, meat, and parve (fish, vegetables, fruit and grains). Each has its own on-duty full-time rabbi. Customers can choose from a rich selection of freshly baked challah and homemade cheeses to aged prime beef-rib steaks to an olive bar and sushi bar. The gourmet food market is an obvious business trend. Is the kosher version of Whole Foods the new trend?

I live in Brooklyn, not far from Pomegranate, and I see several smaller gourmet kosher markets on Kings Highway. The prices are not cheap. So, I do not think that Pomegranate will have a hard time competing with existing stores. You can now visit the supermarket that's located on Coney Island Avenue at the corner of Avenue L.


Brian Stanley said...

All I know is the free Kosher pickles at Noshville are really good. If I could get them at a jewish superstore, I would.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog Django. Dont make it pro Zionist or I will have to leave.

Joltin' Django said...

"I like your blog Django. Dont make it pro Zionist or I will have to leave."


You Jew-hater, just leave and don't come back. I am MILITANTLY pro-Zionist.

There ... I made it easy for you.