Friday, July 03, 2009

BLT: So simple, so good!

There ain't nothin' I like in the summertime more than a good BLT. In-****in'-deed.

My good friend Bruce's famille is in the tomato-growin' business in Arkansas. I just got me some of them incredible Arkansas-grown tomatoes, and tonight I made the sandwich you see in the pic above.

If you want to make you a BLT that looks as good as my BLT, here's what you do:

Well, you're going to need ripe Arkansas tomatoes. Get them, and also get you some Duke's or Sauer's mayo. You'll also need to have some Tennessee-made bacon (like Elm Hill) on hand, as well as a loaf of goooood white bread . Oh, and lettuce.

Get all that and get back to me ...

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Anonymous said...

Man don't you know a BLT should be on Texas toast??