Thursday, July 30, 2009

Best road trip ever?!

Check this out (from

The Southern BBQ Boys consist of four Birmingham Southern College students. These guys not only took a barbecue road trip that lasted 17 days, but while they were roaming around the Southern United States, they earned credit toward graduation. After hearing about this, I asked if I could sign up for that class. However, after hearing the rest of what these brave fellows had to go through to get that credit, I quickly changed my mind.

This road trip was no doubt an experience of a lifetime for them with over 3,100 miles logged in five different states in their 1998 Ford Explorer, complete with a pig's nose attached to the front. They did this and only spent about $500 each.

They accomplished this feat by only staying in a motel room three nights! The rest of their nights were spent sleeping on couches, floors, or anywhere they could find with friends and family members along their route.

Read the rest here.

I'll readily admit that I'm jealous of them boys ... especially since one of their stops was at Neely's in Memphis.

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