Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sharp-dressed chicken

Last month, I told you about Marie Sharp's Grapefruit Pulp Habanero Pepper Sauce. I told you here. Well, the co-worker who gave me my bottle of Marie Sharp's "grapefruit" hot sauce came through again today. This time it was a bottle of Marie Sharp's Habanero Pepper Sauce ...

Marie Sharp's Web site says its gold-label habanero sauce is "fiery hot." I don't know if I'd call it "fiery." It does, however, pack enough heat to leave the tip of your tongue tingling for a minute or two after you've eaten it.

Enough about the heat, let's talk about the flavor. One thing I've noticed is that all my favorite habanero sauces are made with carrots (see Melinda's). As much as I like the heat in a habanero pepper sauce, I also like when there's a subtle sweetness to temper the heat a bit. That temperin' sweetness is just what you get with Marie Sharp's habanero sauce -- which, in addition to carrots and peppers, is made with lime juice, garlic and salt.

Luckily, I had a grilled chicken breast upon which I put three or four big dollops of Marie Sharp's habanero sauce at lunch today. Oh, and I had three or four spoonfuls - from an actual spoon - for good measure.

Once again, thanks Nate!

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louisiana t said...

take it from a cajun, crystal is and always will be the best hot sauce of all time