Friday, July 31, 2009

... is my all-time favorite restaurant

I've said it before and I'll say it again: The only thing the Tennessean has going for it these days is a stable of excellent food-writers.

Take today, for example. The Tennessean had the good sense to send Nancy Vienneau down to Murfreesboro's famous Kleer-Vu (pronounced Clear-View) Lunchroom, and she penned a review in which I can't find nothing I disagree with. Read it here.

To put it simply, Kleer-Vu is my all-time favorite restaurant. Period. Indeed, I often tell people that if my last meal on this earth is consumed at Kleer-Vu, I will die a happy man.

During my years as an undergrad and grad student at Middle Tennessee State University, I reckon I put my legs under one of Kleer-Vu's tables about 200 times -- and that's a very conservative estimate.

I never tired of spreading the Gospel of Kleer-Vu to new MTSU students. And the day I received my bachelor's degree, the kind folks at Kleer-Vu fed me, my parents, and my grandmother gratis.

I'll be posting my own Kleer-Vu review sometime this fall. (Football season is just around the corner, and I already have my MTSU season tix.) Until then, please know ...

● What Ms. Vienneau says about Kleer-Vu's chess pie -- "The Kleer-Vu chess pie alone would be worth the pilgrimage ..." -- is absolutely spot-on. My sainted Granny Ruby made great chess pie, but it wasn't as good as Kleer-Vu's chess pie. So there.

● If you like pig's feet, Kleer-Vu has some of the best around. You'll have to ask if they're available, though, 'cause they ain't always on the menu.

● On that same token, be sure to request some sliced tomatoes and onions with your meal. They're not on the menu, either, but the Kleer-Vu folks will happily oblige if you ask for such.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I've been to the Boro, but I've never heard of this trough.

chuck todd said...

why would you comment on a restaurant you have never been to? you're like one of those people who talks about how bad or subversive a book is without actually reading it. calling kleer vu a "trough" (which I've never been to) says more about you being an idiot than it does about django's tastes.

Joltin' Django said...

If Kleer-Vu is a "trough," then there are a lot of lawyers, local elected officials, business-owners, teachers, and plain ol' hardworking folk who're pigs. You see, when you eat at Kleer-Vu you will see white folks and black folks, professionals and hourly wage-earners, teachers and parents, politicos and voters sitting side by side enjoying the sould food therein.

Furthermore, Kleer-Vu is a minority-owned business whose owners have given generously to the local community. Thus, you dissin' 'em without actually knowing anything about 'em kinda makes you a racist (in addition to being an idiot like Chuck said).

goodfoodmatters said...

Glad to know that you can ask the ladies for some sliced tomatoes and onions,
I'll remember that for my next visit!
Thanks for the tip-