Saturday, July 04, 2009

Let's hope the fifth time (!) is the charm ...

Thanks to AMGE reader Angela for telling us that a famous meat-and-three has opened on Old Lebanon Road over in Donelson. She even sent pics (here's one of 'em):

Sylvan Park, over on Murphy Road, is a Nashville institution that's been voted "best meat-and-three" in various papers and on various Web sites. It's been, at least, ten years since I put my legs under a table over there. I remember it bein' pretty damn good.

It'll take me, oh, about two weeks to get over to the Donelson Sylvan Park. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Since you live near me you need to visit my church

MusicCityMissy said...

I think Sylvan's is okay but over rated. I've tried all three locations and some swear the original is best but the other two are okay also. Not great but then again, I'm comparing it to my home cooking and I'll put my cooking up against anyone's! I have found very few homestyle, meat and three or soul food places that I'll put up there with mine - Ron's and At the Table are two of them locally.