Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ol' Huck wouldn't like this Big River

I drank a couple o' Big River "Vienna-Style" lagers whilst pickin' my bluegrass guitar this evening. Let me just say this: Big River Vienna-Style lager sucks.

The expert beer-drinkers at give Big River lager a "B-". As far as I'm concerned, that's an over-grading.

Now, if you've ever had one of them high-alcohol beers - like Thomas Hardy's Ale or Le Fin du Monde - you know they all have something in common (other than getting you drunker faster): they all have this "metallic-taste" thing going on. That is, high-alcohol beers make your tongue wonder whether it was just visited by a beer or liquid lead.

Big River Vienna-Style Lager not only tastes like a high-alcohol beer (to say that it has a metallic finish is an understatement), it doesn't have much flavor beyond its tin-can taste. Indeed, Big River tastes like Budweiser filtered through a dollar-store colander.

So there.

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Suds MacDougal said...

What do you expect from a beer thats brewed by a restaurant, and not a very good restaurant at that.