Friday, July 10, 2009

"We're an American Ale ..."

A buddy brought some Budweiser American Ale to a guitar-pickin' soirée I put together this evening. I've been seeing Bud's American Ale in the grocery store for several months now. I never entertained buying any 'cause I friggin' hate Bud and Bud Light beer.

Bud American Ale is better than plain ol' Bud, I'll admit that. However, you have to fast-pour the beer into the glass -- you really should drink your beer from a glass -- to get any kind of a head on it; and while the deep amber color may remind you of a quality ale, like Samuel Adams Boston Ale, it tastes like a pale imitation of Killian's Irish Red (and I do mean pale).

Over at, Budweiser American Ale gets a "B-" rating. I give it a "C" ... "C+" at best.


Anonymous said...

I didnt think you drink but thank God you hate Bud as much as me

Terry B said...

Has this post been rated by Drunks Against Mad Mothers?