Friday, May 15, 2009

Publix has its mojo workin' (redux)

Back in October 2007, I endorsed Publix's Mojo Chicken as a great from-the-deli entrée. To wit:

Having no plans for dinner this evening, I decided to get something from the Publix deli. What I got was a fresh-roasted Mojo Rotisserie Chicken. Man, what a damn fine chicken it was.

I'd never had a roasted chicken from Publix before; and, to the best of my knowledge, I'd never eaten anything that'd been mojo-seasoned. (Mojo seasoning consists of onion salt, garlic, pepper and spices, and it gives whatever foodstuff upon which it's been placed a tongue-satisfying zip and zing.) ...

I'm very glad that I decided on such a simple dinner. If I'd added anything else to my menu, I may not have noticed how freakin' juicy a Publix roasted chicken is; and the crispy skin may have escaped my attention as well. (Crispy skin and juiciness is a mark of a quality roasted chicken, indeed.)

Next time I get me a Publix chicken, I'm going to make mashed potatoes and fry some corn. Hell, I might even fry up some cornbread to make it a culinary hat-trick, plus one.

Tonight, I paired a Publix Mojo Chicken with French-cut green beans, Mrs. Renfro's jalapeños, and Publix's red potato salad:

I feel kinda bad that it took me so long to try another Mojo chicken. And I feel equally bad that it took me so long to tell you that Publix's red-tater salad is the best store-bought tater salad in the land.

For the record, my mojo's workin' real good right now, and then some.


Brian Stanley said...

You need to get on a better schedule. Publix has very good baked and fried chicken in their deli for quick pick up I agree.

Anonymous said...

Taters? Maters? Sketti?

Man, I love how you hicks talk. It's like you're still five years old. I always imagine you at work saying things like "Hey, Jimmy, I'll be right back, I have to go make poopies."

Seriously. Sketti? Sketti and mumatoes?

Joltin' Django said...

Taters? Maters? Sketti?

Man, I love how you hicks talk.
You'd "hick" me if nobody was looking, wouldn't you?!

When it comes to buggery, I say live and let-live. Thus, I don't hold no grudges when you make foodie passes at me. Indeed, my gal and I get some good laughs from the whole episode ... and then some.