Thursday, May 07, 2009

Good scene, fellas

I picked up Goodfellas on DVD this afternoon -- to replace a so-worn-out VHS tape of the film I've had for some 10+ years. I stayed up very late watchin' it.

I blogged about my favorite scene from Goodfellas 'bout six months ago. Now that I'm in a serious Goodfellas "mood," I'm gonna re-post what I said. Right here:

Screen Junkies has comiled a list of the nine life lessons every guy can learn from Goodfellas. One of 'em is food-related:

Don't use too many onions in the sauce.

When you learn it: When all of the guys are doing their time together, Vinnie is always putting too many onions in the sauce.

Why it's important: Balance is important when you're making a marinara. You don't want to overpower the other flavors with too much onion. And three small onions is too much when you're only using two cans of tomatoes. That's day one stuff.

Naturally, the jailhouse cooking scene is my favorite in the whole movie. Since I'm sure some folks who're reading this have never seen Goodfellas before, I won't ruin it by describing the scene. One thing I will say, however, is this: Paulie using a razor blade to slice garlic so's it will melt when cooked in a little oil ... it works. Try it sometime.

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