Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Don't say I didn't warn ya!

Now blogging at A Man's Gotta Eat, Erick J.:

They tasted as good as they looked. I prepared these spare ribs on Sat the 2nd, and I must say that I am getting sooooooo good at this;-) I took 2 racks of ribs, apple juice, Grillmasters Pork rub, Salt, pepper, Onion, at least 5 Bud lites, and 5 hours of my life (in no particular order) and came out with a RACK that Ms Parton herself would be proud of. I am a pretty damn good rapper too. Django for President.

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Mister Jimmy said...

Cheesed again, in a long history of 'cheesing'!

Joltin' Django said...

Cheesed again, in a long history of 'cheesing'!You got one of Big E's ribs, right? So, how'd you get "cheesed" ...?