Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wanna be seen at The Steakhouse?

Last time I ate at Morton' Steakhouse, er, Morton's: The Steakhouse, my tab was 80 bucks (and I didn't have nothing to drink, neither). I'm not cheap by any means, but I have been pinching pennies just like everyone else lately.

Dining at Morton's has not been near the top of my dining-out to-do list. After reading yesterday's USA Today, however, I just might have to make my way down to Morton's ... soon. To wit:

With same-store sales down 24% in the first quarter, the chichi steakhouse chain had to do something.

One unlikely move for the chain, where checks normally average $97 per person: $5 mini-burgers at the bar. "This is the worst we've been through," CEO Thomas Baldwin explains. "We have to broaden our appeal and drive guest frequency."

And guests now can wash down their mini-burgers with $4 beers.

Any feller wanna loosen his tie and join me at Morton's for some 5-dollar burgers and 4-dollar beers?


Randy Travis said...

Nice Stockyard steal!

Joltin' Django said...

"Nice Stockyard steal!"

Kudos to you for noticing my "steal" ...!