Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Unless you were living under a rock last week, you know that KFC 'n' Oprah Winfrey offered everyone with access to a computer and printer a free "grilled" chicken meal. You also know that the promotion turned into a big KlusterFuCk, with customers near-rioting, and staging sit-ins, when they didn't get their free chicken. Hell, some folks even cried "Racism!" when over-taxed KFC outlets refused to take their coupons. (Don't even get me started on that!)

I could pontificate for days on whether or not it was wise for KFC to promote a "free meal" coupon on The Oprah Winfrey Show. I'm of the opinion that it wasn't very wise, given that KFC didn't seem very prepared for what happened after Oprah said, "Go get ya one!"

That said, KFC's new grilled chicken is very, very good. I know this because one of my co-workers was brave enough to head to KFC -- with coupon in hand -- for lunch the day after Oprah said, "Have some grilled chicken on me!" (or something to that effect). He got a breast and a wing in his free meal, and he let me have a big pinch o' meat from each of 'em.

The small portions I had were very juicy; and my co-worker, I'll call him "Skippy," said that each and every portion he consumed was not only juicy, he stated that KFC's grilled chicken tasted like something that came off his backyard grill.

I couldn't agree more. And I'll have some pics after I get my rain check.


Nomad said...

is this new chicken from KFC fried and THEN grilled, or the other way around?

Tony C said...

Whaaahaaahaaahaaaa! An Oprah promotion backfired.

Goes to show you how much influence she has over the masses. A co-worker went with a coupon to discover a sign posted 'No more free chicken' wasn't free, it was on Oprah.