Thursday, May 28, 2009

What a BIG AZ sammich!

My ami Mr. Jimmy recently treated me to a "BIG AZ Meatloaf, with catsup" sammich from the vending machine in our place of b'iness. We both agreed that any product that bills itself as a "BIG AZ" anything just needed to be sampled.

Buying a sandwich from a vending machine is a dicey endeavor, indeed. More often than not the buyer is deeply disappointed. (I vividly remember a sandwich I got from a machine in the old Denver airport. It's a miracle that I didn't leave at least 10 teeth behind.) I wasn't disappointed after eating my BIG AZ Meatloaf, and certainly didn't lose any teeth.

When I was in high school, my classmates and I regularly ate $.99 microwave burgers which, even though we knew they were more soybean than hamburger, were oh-so-tasty (especially with lots o' mustard, catsup, and hot sauce).

My BIG AZ Meatloaf tasted a whole lot like those burgers of yore. Mr. Jimmy and I loaded up our respective sammiches with plenty of Texas Pete®, and damn they was good. Almost made me forget about that bad experience back in Denver. Almost.

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